Учебник по перманентен грим - Mario Gisbert & Friends - Micropigmentation Show Book

By Mario Gisbert, Sol Volcan, Oscar Gómez, Soula Koutsogiannaki, Dina Gil, Julia Rozgón, Elena Casado, Debbie Clifford, Sofía Terrón, Milena Lardi & Amparo Ortega.


Mario Gisbert, a pioneer and an international academic referent for all trainers in the micropigmentation industry, launches his new project to support all micropigmentation specialist. A unique master piece either to be used as training and practices material and/or as marketing tool to enhance the image and reputation of all artists worldwide.

It contains the very best of the most famous international micropigmentation experts, coordinated by Mario Gisbert, with extraordinary quality. Every secret, trick and tip you need and want to know about all main and important matters such as Universal Techniques Parameters, Colors, Microblading, Eyebrows, Eyelids, Lips, Tricopigmentation and Areola. With this illustrated book, it will be easier to analyze step by step innovative techniques such as filling lips with points of light, eyebrows inspired by nature or shading eyes with color.

For all languages and countries, the book is a high-quality, full-color illustrated tool covering 7 topics, 11 authors, 180 pages, 626 pictures and 415 illustrations.

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Учебник по микропигментация - Mario Gisbert & Friends

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